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Full Form of OP, UC, AFM, GG, WP, M8, BRB, LOL, AG, BP, IGN,

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground or PUBG is one of the trending games among youngsters. It is a multiplayer game where up to 100 players can join and fight. It has got many modes to engage it’s players. There is TDM, Arcade and most played Classic mode. Players can enter the match either solo, duo or with a team of 4 called squad. The main aim of the game is to survive till last and the player or team alive till the end wins the match.

You might have seen that while playing in squad or duo, teammates communicate with each other about the strategy and game play to perform better and efficiently so communication is one of the important aspect of this game.

While playing the game, the players don’t have much time to transfer their message in full sentence clearly. So it is important that they keep their msgs or instructions very brief. That’s why players use short forms so they can quickly communicate their message to their other team mates and have their full concentration in the match.
Even while watching live matches and recorded videos of some famous and professional PUBG players we come across these abbreviations.
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Many of us are not aware of there short terms and might get confuse and not play accordingly or enjoy the videos and live matches.

So, in this article we will tell you the full meaning of such interesting and mostly used short forms related to pubg game and will also give you complete information when and why they are used by the gamers.

Full Form of OP, UC, AFM, GG, WP, M8, BRB, LOL, AG, BP, IGN :

# GG: Its full form is good game,  players uses it after the game is over. It usually conveys that  they enjoyed the game and felt very thrilled and exciting while playing.

# OP: It stands for over powered. Players use this term when they find a strong player or character or any powerful weapon which is not available easily.

# WP: Its full form is well played. It is used to praise teammates’ or opponents’ performance who played the game really well.

# M8: Its full form is mate. It’s for addressing your teammates.

# BRB: Its full form is be right back. It is used by the players when they leave the game for a while for some reason and then come back after some time.

# LOL: It’s full form is Laughing Out Loud. It is used by players when they see a funny scene during the game, such as the stupidity of some player or any hilarious act. 
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# AG: It’s full form is Ace Gold. It is the currency of the game.
It is used to purchase many important stuffs related to the game.

UC: It’s full form is Unknown Cash. This is also the currency of the game and used to buy new and luxury items.

# BP: Its full form is Battle Points. Players get this when they complete a match or any event and achievements.

# IGN: This is the short form of in-game name. This is the player’s username.

# AFM: Its full form is away from mobile.
For example, if a player paused while playing the game and he does not move from his place, then it mean that he is away from the mobile, and in this context players use AFM word.
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So, this was all about the short forms and abbreviations and we tried our best to give every possible information available.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you can also write to us if you think we missed something or there can be any other improvement regarding above.

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