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How to check for Chinese Apps like PUBG Mobile on Smartphones

  • Remove China Apps – an application available on Google Play Store to search of Chinese games and apps present on the phone.
  • How to check for Chinese mobile apps like shareit, tiktok and many more on your androids and iphones ?

Chinese Apps have a huge fan base in India, which include tiktok, UC Browser, shareit and the list goes on. They have taken the Indian digital market by storm.

In this article, we are here to tell you about how to detect and remove the Chinese apps from your device.

India being a country with largest number of youths give Chinese developers immense opportunities to launch different applications and rule the digital market here.
China’s mobile and digital dominance runs deep into Indian economy.

Whether it is utility applications like VPN, games like PUBG Mobile or other entertaining apps, Chinese developers are leading the race. The Indian digital market has a large costumer base which give them greater scope for expansion and investment.
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Sonam Wanghchuk, called for completely boycotting Chinese software within a week and Chinese hardware within a year.
He is the man who inspired the character of ‘Fungsuk Wangdu’ in the movie 3 Idiots. He is a renowned engineer, academician, innovator, and environmentalist.

He has also published another video clarifying some of the questions that the viewers asked:

Here’s how one can check for Chinese games like PUBG Mobile on their device.

How to check for Chinese apps like pubg mobile on your phone?

The users can detect the Chinese apps manually or by using an app developed in India.

Manual Way

The users or players will have to do a bit research about the developers and origin of the game and then they can delete it from their devices.
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Use of application

App developers in India are taking good advantage of the anti-China environment being created here. There is an app on the Google Play Store that claims to scan and delete Chinese apps present in your smartphones. This app says that Chinese apps are not secure for you and after scanning such apps can be selected and uninstalled/delete from the phone.

A group of developers from Jaipur, India under the name OneTouch AppLabs have come up with an application named ‘Remove China Apps’

The main aim of this app is to scan your android device for games and applications made by Chinese developers and provides the users with an option to delete/uninstall them. 

The app received good response from the Indian gaming community as well as the people in general. The app has been download over 5 million times on the Google Play Store in a span of just 15 days since the app’s release on 17th May. The app is rated 4.8  star rating with about  150000  reviews. 

However, the app will only identify apps that are downloaded from the Play Store or third party. It will not remove the pre-installed apps.

check for Chinese Apps | The UI of Remove China Apps - pubgmobilelatest.com

For iOS users

Unfortunately, this app  is out there just for  android users. The iOS users will have to manually search for the games developed by Chinese developers since there is no app for iOS devices performing the same function.
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Working of the application-

#1 First of all download the application from the Play Store.

#2 Click on “scan now” option. Then the app scans your device for Chinese games and applications.

#3 You can click on the bin option if you want to delete the Chinese app. 

check for Chinese Apps | The UI of Remove China Apps - pubgmobilelatest.com |
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