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How to get free gun skin in PUBG Mobile

In this article we are going to tell you everything about weapon’s skin in PUBG Mobile which you must be knowing if you are a PUBG lover.

Most of the players try hard to get their favourite gun skin.

Although having a collection of skins don’t have any impact on your game play

But you may have you spend some UCs which will be costly for some players.

UC is an expensive in-game currency which is used to buy skin, costumes or royal pass. It is one of the in-game currency which every player desire of. It is used for different purposes like purchasing gun skin or any unique outfit that players desire.


UCs are considered expensive as players need to spend the actual currency that is about INR 79 for 60 UC, INR 420 for 325 UC and INR 799 for 620 UC.

Players are always excited for weapon’s skin as it make their weapons more attractive and beautiful.

There are also some special skin effects which you will get after upgrading the skins in workshop.

With every new release PUBG developers introduce a new gun skin. You can also check out latest weapon skins in the Weapon section in PUBG Mobile Shop.


There are several other ways by which users can get their favourite weapon’s skin without losing their cash.

1. Redeem Codes

It is the fastest and easiest way to get free weapon’s skin in PUBG Mobile. By code redemption players get a chance to explore and claim various weapon skins without spending any UCs.
Since these codes have a usage limit, so only a limited number of players can be profited.

You can avail these redeem codes on many fan pages of PUBG Mobile or official fan pages of PUBG Mobile during some events.

One thing should be kept in mind that these redeem codes come with a limited validity, so players need to be really quick to utilise these codes for free weapon’s skin.
They new codes are updated every month and you cannot use the outdated codes to get free items.

Redeem Codes in Season 14 of PUBG Mobile

Here is the list of redeem codes for the Season 14 of PUBG Mobile

Redeem code for Yellow-stripes SCAR-L: BCCQZBZCVJ

Redeem code for free UMP-45 Skin: BAPPZCZTUH

Redeem code for free another SCAR-L skin: BCCQZCZSV7

Miscellaneous Redeem Codes 





How to use redeem codes?

Players need to follow very simple steps to collect rewards via redeem codes in PUBG Mobile. Go through the points mentioned below and claim your rewards.

Step 1: Click the link given below to visit the redemption centre.

Click  here

Step 2: Enter the PUBG Mobile ID, redeem code, and the verification code.

Step 3: Click on the redeem button. A window appears, asking the players to verify their details. After checking the details, click ok.

Step 4: The player can collect their reward via the mail section.

If after clicking the redeem button, the player gets an error stating ‘ Redemption Limit Reached’ then it means that code is utilized fully and they have to wait till the release of new codes.

2. Events

There are many Events launched from time to time by the developers of PUBG Mobilewhich on completing tasks will provide you with various exclusive items including gun skin.
All you have to do is complete the specific mission and collect your points or items to redeem rewards.

For example,  you will be rewarded with a ‘Hot Pizza – UZI’ and ‘Hot Pizza – Scar-L’ just for a longer survival time in classic matches.

3. Royal Pass

Another way of getting free gun skins in PUBG Mobile is through Royal Pass. On completing Royal Pass missions and reaching higher level, PUBG Mobile will reward players with gun skins.
In the current season’s royale pass you can get the ‘M16A4 Sharktooth’ at RP 50.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it will definitely gonna help you in getting your favourite weapon’s skin for free.
For any other information or queries you can write to us below. We’ll be happy to receive your feedback.

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