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How To Get PUBG Mobile Character Vouchers free in Season 13

  • PUBG Mobile character voucher  step by step Guide to earn them.
  • Also included one video if you not understand properly.

PUBG Mobile has currently three special characters, including Victor, Sara, and Carlo. We are here to let you know how to get a PUBG Mobile character for free

PUBG Mobile  offers you a wide range of skin and outfits but there is a limitation when it comes to special characters. PUBG Mobile has only three special characters, including Victor, Sara and Carlo. Besides, it is expected that the developers of this game might introduce a new character Andy on June 2nd.

It is known that only character which players can claim for free while for the other characters you need spend UCs. To unlock Sara one need 600 UCs and 1200 UCs for Carlo. It is also rumoured that the new character Andy which is still to be introduced will cost you 1200 UCs.

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PUBG Mobile Carlo Character Free

Get Free Character Vouchers In PUBG Mobile Season 13

Another way of getting these characters is if you get the same number of character vouchers, you can open them for free. And PUBG Mobile introduced many events to earn character vouchers which can be used in place of UC to redeem the characters.

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PUBG Mobile Relax & take a rest


Recently, PUBG Mobile has introduced an event titled “Relax and Take a Rest” . It will last from May 25th to June 1st. During this event, players need to complete the specified missions in the Classic Mode and can collect a maximum of 5 toy cars a day. A toy car will be rewarded for every task a player completes. Then, you have to go to the section of “Exchange for Rewards to redeem toy cars. You have to spend 5 toy cars to get 30 character vouchers. You can exchange tha toy cars only thrice for these vouchers.

PUBG Mobile Exchange for Rewards of character vouchers

Collect And Redeem Toy Cars For Free Character Vouchers

Here is the list of daily missions in “Relax and Take a Rest” event:

  • Complete 1 match: a toy car.
  • Complete 3 matches: a toy car.
  • Cause 300 damage: a toy car.
  • Recover a total of 100 HP: a toy car.
  • Place in the top #10 in 2 matches: a toy car.

As these toy cars are time-limited items, you should collect right after completing these missions. Then, you need to redeem these toy cars before they expire. This event will end after June 1st so, you need to join now to get as many free character vouchers as possible.

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