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How to lower your ping(ms) in Pubg Mobile

• Apart from the good gaming skills, ping is also an important factor which can’t be over looked.

• Lower the ping, smoother and quicker will the data exchange between players and game servers.

You have to be really quick with these online games like PUBG Mobile where timely action is must. If you are a sec late you can lose the game and even lower your rank.
PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer game and to connect with players and game servers you need a good internet connection.

Ping is the time taken to transmit a small set of data from your device to a server on the internet and again back to your device. Ping time is measured in milliseconds (ms).
While playing the game you might have noticed some figures like 133 ms or 480 ms.
Ping lower than 30 ms is considered good for smooth game play but not many of us experience this. Although wifi is recommended but many users depend on mobile data.

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So we are going to tell you some tips to reduce your ping for better experience while playing-

Limit Background Data Usage:

Smartphones use internet in the background for various task like auto – downloading, cloud syncing etc. Many other application use your data while you are involved in your game.
If sync is on disable it and same with the battery saver as it also reduces performance. You can also turn off syncing in Google accounts or any other account under the account tab which are consuming your internet. You can also block data usage by applications completely as some phones come with data usage control option too.

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use Gaming Mode for low ping

Use Gaming Mode:

Gaming mode is something that automatically configures settings while gaming on android.
The latest smartphones already have this feature for heavy gaming and improving performance. But if you don’t have this feature then you can also download the app.

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use 5Ghz wifi for pubg mobile to low the ping

Use 5GHz(Gigahertz) WiFi:

5 Ghz has a lot more bandwidth as compared to 2.5 Ghz. To use that, it is mandatory to have a 5 Ghz WiFi router and smartphone. Usually WiFi is used for multiple purpose and a lot of devices are connected to it.  Switching to a higher gigahertz network will ensure enough bandwidth for your smartphone and help you lower your ping resulting in smooth gaming experience.

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Change the Internet Service Provider:

Internet service provider is an organisation that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet.
This might be the last option if nothing works for you. Look for the best ISP in your area and let them know about your use and requirements. Due to bad network and infrastructure of some ISPs users may face difficulty while using data, especially those who are quite involved in games and have to respond within fraction of seconds.

You can also go for a GFX tool which you can download as it also helps in improving ping.

Try to keep your phone storage free and clear cache from time to time because heavy storage can also affect the game.

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server change in pubg mobile
select the lowest ping server

You can also connect to the server with low ping which can be known by clicking on the top left side from where you opt for map and then you’ll see server on the right side of the maps from where you can choose the one with lower ping.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and got some help regarding ping issues. Try out all the above mentioned points for better gaming experience.
For any further queries or suggestions you are free to comment below. We would love to read your feedback.

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