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How To Predict Next Safe Zone In PUBG Mobile

In this article we are going to tell you about the basic things which can let you predict the safe zone and never die outside the playzone.

Understanding the working of zone is one of the key factors of a good game.
At the basic level it feel impossible to guess the next zone but if we observe keenly we can find some ways.

The basic concept is that white outline of circle approaches first leaving a gap between it’s outer edge and inner edge of blue zone.
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Let's start the detailed description about the different stages of circle that are formed during tha game.

You get almost 2 minutes right from the moment you jump from the aeroplane. After that you see the formation of white outline so it’ll be known which parts of map are included in the safe zone. That’s enough time to get the required weapons and equipments unless you spot an enemy.

After that you have 5 minutes before the blue circle starts moving with a damage of 0.4% per second and since it’s the first the circle is getting smaller so it takes it’s sweet time around 5 minutes to cover the outline or first white circle.

So you have a plenty of time to roam around at different locations. It’s better if you first arrange a vehicle that will make your movement easier and also can save you from uninvited enemies.
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How To PredictNext Safe Zone In PUBG Mobile

Some of the other important things that should be kept in mind are mentioned below:-

Locating Airdrops

Zones are often followed by the air drops. So pay attention to the drops and try to stay near them as there might be possibilities that the circle will end there. Many players don’t like to rush for the loot in air drops as it may be a risky task so one need to be aware of the hidden enemies who are waiting for their shot.

Formation of safe zones

The formation or circle is random but if you remain at the centre of the safe zone you will be in profit as it is seen that the centre is usually covered in the next circle.
One more important thing to keep in mind is that the circle never ends in the water unless it’s a bug.

Don’t start camping in the mid-way. Be prepared with a plan and a vehicle as enemies can show up from nowhere. It’s better to keep an extra gas can in case you don’t find another vehicle when the fuel is low.

Players must be aware of the fact that the damage or blue circle is almost doubled when the blue reaches white leaving no gap.
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How To PredictNext Safe Zone In PUBG Mobile

Time and Movement of zone

In the whole match seven or eight circles are formed and you get less time in 2nd circle as compared to 1st and this cycle goes till last.

The 2nd one starts moving after 3 minutes 30 seconds with a damage of 0.6% per second which is still manageable.

With the 3rd circle the risk of damage is high (0.8% per second) and it may be terrible so it’s better to first land in safe zone leaving all other tasks behind. It’s formation starts in 2 min 30 sec after the 2nd one.

The movement of circles 4 and 5 start after 2 minutes with a damage of 1-3% so you can’t stay outside at any cost as you’re at higher risk.

Also since the circle is quite smaller now your enemies may start camping before you’ve entered and you will be noticed easily at the separation of the zones. If you are already in the zone then you can find yourself a suitable place for camping before your enemies, so the earlier you reach the better you have opportunities.
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Sometimes while entering the safe zone you may spot the enemy or some movement. But don’t attack while chasing the safe zone as you may reveal your current location to the enemy. Or there may be other players hiding who’ll took this as an opportunity to grab kills.

Plus you are still approaching the safe zone that means there will be chances that you don’t survive in the blue zone. So it is best that first you move quickly and silently to the safe zone and find a suitable place for hiding. And then go for hunting your enemies.

Energy booster

Never forget to boost your energy with the help of energy drinks and painkillers. They will lower the damage you can get from the blue zone. You can see a line or bar just above the health bar which is divided into four segments. You get a shield so first there will be a decrement in that bar and then your health will b affected.

Basically energy drinks increase your stamina by 40%, painkillers by 60% and adrenaline syringe by 100%. If you don’t have these consumables you can also use health kit but wait till your health drops to 30-40% as these increase your health by 75%.
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