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MK14 in PUBG Mobile: Statistics, Damage, Attachments, Skins

In today’s article we’ll be discussing in detail about stats, damage and many more things of one of those weapons that is Mk14.

Playerunknowns Battle ground or PUBG is an intense game. Being a pro player doesn’t only require good gaming skills and experience but also a keen knowledge in capabilities and stats of various weapons.

There are many guns which don’t get much attention despite of their versatility and power.

Introduction (MK14 in Pubg Mobile)

Mk14 is a rare Designated Marksman Rifle with quite a severe damage.
Mk14 or Mark 14 is basically a SLR with auto mode but more lethal.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) are not widely used guns in PUBG Mobile. Their damage lies in between Assualt Rifles and Snipers. They have a few properties of assualt rifles and also considered as mini-versions of sniper rifles.

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MK14 detail damage statistics

Pros / Advantages :

You will get quick single shots and excellent accuracy with Mk14 if you are good at one shots.
It is a supply drop weapon which uses 7.62 mm ammo and has a magazine size of 10 rounds in single loading.

The MK14 has a fast bullet speed of 853 m/s and a fire rate of 0.090 seconds. Due to this fast speed it has the highest damage of 61 among all DMRs available in PUBG Mobile. This outstanding damage falls between that of SKS and Kar98 having 53 and 75 damage reports.

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It also supports 8x scope which makes it suitable for sniping (when switched to single fire mode) also if you are far from your enemy but 6x scope is more recommended.

It is capable of killing an enemy in just 5 rounds which makes it unique. This DMR is well suited for short, medium or long-range fights.

You can also be able to destroy a vehicle completely with this one when switched to automatic mode.

Players should definitely try out Mk14 as it has a touch of sniper rifles with auto mode which is absolutely rare.

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MK14 in pubg mobile pubgmobilelatest

Cons / Disadvantages :

The biggest disadvantage of Mk14 is it’s high vertical and horizontal recoil and less stability making it difficult to control for players.

Although there are various attachments which can be used to overcome this problem like cheek pads and compensators. These when combined reduces vertical recoil and increases it’s stability.

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Another factor is the duration of time it takes in reloading which is 3.683 seconds and also it’s magazine size that’s just 10 rounds. This can also be managed to some extent by the help of extender which will give you extra 10 bullets.

This weapon can only be found in supply drops so other weapons get more opportunity and hence this one is left untouched by players giving it low attention.

The MK14 doesn’t have many skins. The Season 11 skin is quite popular which can be unlocked by reaching the Diamond tier and playing five matches at that level.

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We hope you loved reading about this unnoticed weapon with it’s unique qualities and powerful performance.
For any further queries or suggestions, you can write down to us. We would love to hear from you.

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