PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Release Date in India for Royal Pass Season 13

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Release Date in India for Royal Pass Season 13

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Release Date in India 7th may 2020 and developers are now ready to push out the next season – Royal Pass Season 13. – on the global servers.

The Season 13 release date has been announced officially. The Season 13 Royale Pass (RP) is called ‘Toy Playground‘, and is based on the toy theme.

Players can upgrade their free Royale Pass to either the Elite Pass or the Elite Upgrade Plus Pass by spending a certain amount of UC. The Elite Royale Pass is expected to cost around 600 UC, while the other one is expected to cost about 1800 UC. 
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PUBG Mobile Season 13 Release Date & Time in India

PUBG Mobile’s Season 12 RP section will end on 11th May 2020, and the Royal Pass Season 13  will release on 13 May 2020. It is expected to unlock at 7:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30).

Season 13 will bring the Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Rank 50, and the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. These outfits will be available in three different versions (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) at different levels.

Special missions will also be introduced for squads to unlock mythic outfits.

Apart from these new additions, reminders have been added at the beginning and end of the season. Additionally, RP push notifications and tutorial guides have been improved. The statistics of Season 12 will also be updated after the start of Season 13.

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PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 update has added the upgraded version of the Miramar map, known as Miramar 2.0 or Mad Miramar. The Bluehole Mode and the Jungle Adventure Mode will also be introduced into the game.

The update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iOS store for free.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update Features

The new update will add the following features and modes to the game:

  • Updated Miramar with Sandstorm
  • Win94 with 2.7x Scope
  • Canted Sight Available
  • New Classic Mode Content: Jungle Adventure in Sanhok (Available Soon)
  • New Customizable Weapon System: Guncraft Finishes (Available Soon)
  • New Weapon: P90 in Arena Mode
  • Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground (Available May 13th)
  • Bluehole Mode: Brand New EvoGround Experience (Available Soon)
  • New Anti-Cheating Implementation: Points Protection Against Cheater Kills.
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