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PUBG Mobile: 5 tips for using flare gun in Season 13

PUBG Mobile is a free to play battle royale which is very popular in India. The game has lifted the Indian mobile esports scene to new heights and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

PUBG Mobile is growing in its competitiveness, players are searching for alternative ways to get better at the game and take an advantage against their opponents.

There are various ways to improve at the game, one of them is improving the use of flare guns which are spawn around the map randomly. These guns shoot up a flare for signaling a drop from air carriers. Drops contain loot like weapons and supplies. They can also provide drop exclusive guns like AWM and MK14. It is important to know some tips which can help people to use the flare gun properly.


It is important to know where to use a flare gun as it attracts unnecessary attention from other enemies around the user. The first thing to keep in mind is to never use the flare gun outside the circle if one is looking for weapons and supplies. Using a flare gun outside the circle calls an armoured UAZ for transport. It is advisable to use the flare gun in the circle when the zone hasn’t started.

PUBG Mobile: 5 tips for using flare gun in Season 13

Awareness and surroundings

Sometimes drop boxes can get stuck on houses and trees if the user does not use it in an open area. You should use the flare gun in an open area, where there are no obstructions to make sure you get the loot.

It is also important to scout the area and nearby places with weapon scopes before using the gun. Flare attracts other players who will try to steal the loot. It will completely backfire when there are multiple enemy/enemy teams trying to invade and take the air drops.

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There is a high risk in using flare as it lures enemy players towards the user. It is recommended to position yourself well before taking the loot. Smokes near the loot box are good but can also block the user’s vision of his/her surroundings which can be dangerous.

It is a good idea to wait after the loot box has just landed as sometimes there are enemies hidden in and around the area.

PUBG Mobile: 5 tips for using flare gun in Season 13


Baiting the enemy players with the flare drop is an interesting trick which works majority of the time. The flare user must fire the gun and hide in a nearby building or cover. Wait patiently for any enemy players who would try to take advantage og the flare drop and strike when they are vulnerable.

This is a splendid way to secure the loot and get some extra resources from enemy players. However, one must be careful not to falter as it may backfire and the player might end up losing the loot and possibly the entire match.

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Ending circles

Flare guns are great in the initial and mid-game circles. However, their use in the final stages of the game becomes too risky. It makes little sense to use the flare late in the game when most enemy players have an abundance of quality loot.

Firing the flare gun in the final circles will bring unneccesary attention and get you killed. The circles in the latter stages are small and enemies won’t take long to cover the required distance.

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