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How to get PUBG Mobile Andy character for free ?

Players unknown battle ground or PUBG is one of the trending games among youngsters. It is a multiplayer game where up to 100 players can join and fight. It has got many modes to engage it’s players. There is TDM, Arcade and most played Classic mode. Players can enter the match either solo, duo or with a team of 4 called squad. The main aim of the game is to survive till last and the player or team alive till the end wins the match.

Pubg mobile comes with many exciting features and characters. It also offers you a wide range of skin and outfits, but a limited character. Every character has is different from other one in terms of appearance and abilities.

Earlier it has only 3 characters named Victor, Sara and Carlo. But recently the developers have launched a very new character “ANDY“.

Andy is a puppeteer and a magician who lost his job due to an accident. It comes with his unique abilities and skills.

As the level of the character increases so does the speed of drawing and holstering of gun.
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PUBG Mobile Andy Character cost 1200 uc

It is well known that to unlock each character you have to spend UCs except for Victor which is free.
To unlock Sara one need 600 UCs and 1200 UCs for Carlo.

The newest character ANDY will cost you 1200 UCs. But there are many players who don’t have enough resources to claim these characters, so in this article we are going to tell you some super easy tips and tricks to get this character for FREE.

How to get ANDY character free in PUBG Mobile ?

Basically there are two ways to get that charcter-

1- PUBG Mobile Andy character lauch event

2-Using character vouchers

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#1. PUBG Mobile Andy character lauch event

PUBG Mobile Andy Character puppet show event

Pubg mobile players can get free 60 character vouchers by this way.
Players can follow these steps to earn character vouchers and get Andy character for free:-

  • Open PUBG Mobile game on your smartphone.
  • Visit Andy character puppet show event.
  • Let the puppet show run on your smartphone screen.
  • Now tap on the puppet show, and you will see free 60 Character Vouchers.
  • Collect these 60 Character Vouchers to buy the Andy character for free.

#2. Events to get character vouchers

PUBG Mobile Road Trip Event

Character vouchers can be earned from daily events launched by pubg mobile.
Players can participate and achieve points.

“Road trip event” is one of such events which lets you earn character vouchers. In this, players will have to complete some basic and easy daily missions like killing an enemy or playing classic matches. As a result, players will get Diesel to fuel their vehicles and have some reward crates. In these rewarded crates players can get upto 10 free character vouchers for themselves.

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So this was all about how to get Andy character for free. We hope you liked our article and we tried our best to give you all the information regarding this topic.
For any further queries or doubts you can write to us in the below section. We’ll try to reach you soon.

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