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Top 6 Upcoming Updates in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Version

  • PUBG Mobile season 13 has just started on May 12 with many of the new updates in its 0.18.0 version and now we are getting some information about its next version that is 0.19.0
  • It is revealed by many youtubers that the latest version will come along with a new TDM mode, a weapon, a map and some more exciting features.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has just begun after the recent 0.18.0 update two weeks ago with many new features, a map, weapon and many more. The latest update 0.18.0 has made fans and players go nuts on it with a new map, weapon update, and a blue-hole mode:

 While there are some PUBG Mobile players who are yet to explore all the features of the update, the  news about the next season have already started to pour in and many players are quite eager to know about that. Check out what we will get in new mode

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On the above note, we are here listing down the 6 new upcoming updates in detail that’ll b followed in the version 0.19.0

PUBG Mobile Upcoming 0.19.0 version updates:

#1 New TDM Mode

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 New TDM Match

New PUBG Mobile TDM
Earlier this year, Tencent Games introduced the TDM Library map in Chinese PUBG Mobile. After a long time testing this map, Tencent Games seems to bring this map to the global PUBG Mobile. A significant twist of this new map is the gun switch mechanism. When you kill an enemy, you obtain his weapon right away.

Tencent Games seems to bring Library Map to the global PUBG Mobile after a long time testing this map in the Chinese version of this game.

It can make some changes to the gameplay. If you grab a strong AR gun, you must try to stay alive because the enemy team will focus on killing you for the gun. Besides, a sniper or semi-sniper gun is not a good choice on this map where there is only close combat.

#2 Quick Fire/Scope button

Quick Fire Scope button

Quick Scope/Fire
As the name suggests, this button can be used for opening the scope and firing at the same time. According to fans and players, this is inspired by Call of Duty mobile. 

This new scope/fire button may bring some advantage for less skilled players to fire quickly. Many PUBG Mobile players cannot aim quickly to fire accurately. This feature will help solve this problem. Moreover, the battle among pro players will be fiercer than ever before with this new button.

#3 New Bolt Action Rifle

New Bolt Action Rifle

Mosin Nagant
A new bolt-action sniper rifle Mosin Nagant is likely to be on the cards, after it was released for the pc version of the game.

According to the leaks, this new weapon has a higher fire rate and damage than kar98K and it will be an addition to this class. However, it will not replace any other bolt-action sniper rifle. This gun currently uses the 7.62 ammunition  It also has great damage, a high firing rate, and an effective range from 500-800m.
This new sniper gun will bring a new choice for pro snipers in PUBG Mobile. PUBG PC players experienced this new sniper gun in the latest update and gave nice comments and feedback.

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#4 Erangel 2.0

Erangel Map being formed when all the four pictures combined.
It has been a long time since this map was first teased by PUBG Mobile. But now the wait is over as the beta testing for Erangel 2.0 has begun on Chinese servers. PUBG Mobile also posted four pictures on the social media account, when these pictures were put together, it looked like the Erangel 2.0 map.

#5 Screen Option

Screen Option

here is some screen option the same phone have 6.1-inch screen size but the pubg game only use 5.9 inches so you can use these settings and adjust your screen usage as your requirement

#6 New Control Option

New Control Option

ln the control option, the new feature is you will do transparency of control at 0 percent or select a key to bann that you have been not used in-game.

The PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is likely to come in the second week of July, just before the Royale Pass of this season ends. We can expect more leaks about the royale pass of season 14 in the coming days. 

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