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How To Improve Your Rank in PUBG Mobile ?

  • 8 Best Rank Push PUBG Mobile technique :-
  • How to improve your ranking faster:-

Players unknown battle ground or PUBG is a multiplayer game where up to 100 players can join and fight. It has got many modes to engage it’s players. There is TDM, Arcade and most played Classic mode. Players can enter the match either solo, duo or with a team of 4 called squad. The main aim of the game is to survive till last and the player or team alive till the end wins the match.

In this game players can be leveled at 8 different rankings classified as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror.
Below Ace each ranking has 5 tiers. Bronze is the most basic rank given to new players starting from Bronze V and achieving Bronze I as per their game play.

So in this article we are going to discuss about some tricks and tips improving your rank easily and as fast as possible in Pubg mobile game.

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Steps to Rank Push PUBG Mobile Faster:

#1. Focus on only one mode

First of all you must know that rank is all based upon the ratings you earn in classic mode, so it’ll be just useless if you spend time playing Arcade or Evo ground matches. Also, stick to a single mode i.e. either solo, duo or squad otherwise points will be divided in them and there won’t be much increase in the ranking. So, concentrate and improve your skills for any one of these modes.

Choose the map that suites you well or where you perform better. It’s of no use just entering any map without knowing the spots and places where there is a better loot or hideout areas.

#2. Survival time

It is another important factor while ranking up as the game is all about that player or team that survives the longest. If you die soon after entering the game without much survival time then you might experience a negative rating which will end up lowering your rank.

So, at some point survival is more important than kills. You can score better if you are in top 10 even if you don’t have much kills as the kill rating is only about 20% of the total rating scored.

#3. Importance of Damage

You may miss the kill but try to give maximum damage you can to your enemy as it also counts in the total rating along with other factors. The player having highest damage in your squad will be the MVP.

Keep this in mind and try to choose weapons which have higher damage like AWM with a damage of 120, then M24 and Kar98 in Sniper rifles, Groza and AKM with a damage of 49 per bullet in Assault Rifles and some more, so that it will help you score better points in final rating.

#4. Selection of map

In classic mode there are 4 maps available Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi. Most of the players are quite familiar with Erangel as it was the very first map introduced by pubg and they feel comfortable playing there. But when we are talking about improving our rank then choice of map is also important.

Erangel covers a larger area while comparing to Sanhok which is smaller in size and so it takes less time to complete a single match there.
So, gamers should take benefit of that and can save their time. They can play more matches in less time which will eventually let them increase their rank push faster.
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#5. Choosing safe zone over kills

Sometimes while entering the safe zone you may spot the enemy or some movement. But don’t attack while chasing the safe zone as you may reveal your current location to the enemy. Or there may be other players hiding who’ll took this as an opportunity to grab two kills.

Plus you are still approaching the safe zone that means there will be chances that you don’t survive in the blue zone. So it is best that first you move quickly and silently to the safe zone and find a suitable place for hiding. And then go for hunting your enemies.

#6. Distance travelled and support

Most of us don’t know about this but the distance we’ve travelled in our entire match also affects the rating. The more you travel or ride some vehicle the better will you score.
Similar is the case with your support to your teammates, how many times you’ve revived your friends also matters.

#7. Health Restoration

There are many consumables in pubg mobile which are used to boost your energy and helps in boosting your energy. Basically energy drinks increase your stamina by 40%, painkillers by 60% and adrenaline syringe by 100%.

Your final rating depends on this too that how much you have consumed these items.
Bandages, health kit and med-kit can only be used when you are injured and your health is below 75.
Per bandage heals upto 10 points of you health, health kit 75 points and med-kit 100 points.

So, use all the above mentioned as much as possible and whenever there is a need as it will improve your health in game and also your ratings in final results.

#8. Avoiding strangers

Most of us don’t have a perfect squad to play wherever we want, so we end up teaming up with random players. This is one of the other reason people lose their points. While auto-matching you can be teamed up with someone who’s a new player and he’ll of no help.
Some players even keep their mic and speakers off so you can’t even communicate with them.
They won’t b listening to you and then it’s just a waste of time playing with them.
It’s better to enter a solo match if you don’t have your squad and play accordingly rather than letting someone else spoil your game.
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So this was all about increasing your rank and we hope you guys liked our article.

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