Why PUBG Mobile Not Banned In India

Privacy has always been a myth with Chinese mobile apps. But due to their advance technology and popularity users don’t give much importance to the fact that their data can be stored and misused by Chinese government.
So considering our safety and privacy, government took a bold step in banning the most popular Chinese mobile apps which have millions of users in India.

The list of apps is mentioned below :

While many of the people are appreciating this move as this will promote and encourage local app developers, some are there who are questioning the government.

Also there are some who are confused that why PUBG mobile which is another chinese game with millions of active users is still available in India.

So, we are here to clear your confusion and doubts that why PUBG mobile is not included in the list of those 59 apps.
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Origin of PUBG

PUBG was developed and published by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Bluehole Studio. It is now held under a unified gaming brand named Krafton Game Union. 

Brendan Greene is accredited with the creation of PUBG Mobile, who led Bluehole as a creative director when PUBG was introduced in 2017.
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Origin of PUBG Mobile

In 2017, when PUBG was banned in China, Tencent Games, the video game publishing division of Tencent Holdings, which is also a Chinese multinational conglomerate secured the rights to distribute PUBG in China after changing the game. 

By that time the Chinese giant had also planned to develop the Mobile version of the game for the Chinese community, i.e., PUBG Mobile. The mobile version was released in China and became an instant hit and then later on released it worldwide in early 2018.

Hence when the game is launched, the players first see the Tencent Logo and then the PUBG Corporation logo. Tencent Games also bought a 10% stake in Bluehole, in mid-2018.  It is reported that the Tencent Games earned 1.3$ billion from PUBG Mobile in 2019.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Possible reasons why PUBG Mobile is not banned in India -

Although the gaming app PUBG Mobile developed in China but it’s root are in South Korea as PUBG PC was first originated there and then Chinese developers launched PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite for mobile phones.

Another reason could be that the government banned those 59 apps because of the security purpose so may be PUBG Mobile was scanned and it don’t have any threat to the privacy of its users. And that’s why it’s still available otherwise when tiktok with almost 10 crores of active users could be banned then why not PUBG Mobile when it comes to the security of the users.

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So, we hope that your doubts are cleared to some extent. For any other information or queries you can write to us below. We’ll be happy to receive your feedback.

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